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Consulting Solutions
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Urjahub is backed by experienced scientists and engineers in the field of fuel cell technology. We provide detailed consultation for projects to drive growth and scale up your projects towards commercialization. Reach out to us for any scale of projects ranging in the field of:

  • PEM Fuel Cell system – Air/Water cooled ranging from 300 watts to 20 kWy
  • HT Methanol Fuel Cell system – 5 kW
  • Direct Methanol Fuel Cell system – 50 watts to 200 Watts

In the field of electrolyzers and hydrogen production, our team can provide expert advice and consulting services for the demonstration of projects ranging from small scale (kW) range to Large scale plants. We are also equipped to provide complete turnkey solutions from hydrogen generation to power generation in the following technologies:

  • Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis
  • Alkaline Electrolysis
  • Polymer Electrolyte Electrolysis
For Computational
and Simulation

based solutions
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Urjahub has established a state of art computational infrastructure for the academic and the industrial community. Reach out to us for all you computational as well as simulation needs and receive answers to your complex problems.

  • Development of multiphysics model for PEM fuel cells, DMFCs, and water electrolyzers (green H2 production).
  • Fluid flow simulation for bi-polar plate design optimization, pressure drop calculations
  • Thermal mapping, Performance mapping, fuel distribution modelling across various single cell/stack design based on customer’s requirement.
  • 1D/2D/3D CFD modelling to support stack design/component identification and MEA qualification.
  • Stress analysis and design optimization for stacks from different technologies.
  • Furnish reports on the given case study by performing suitable parametric analysis, design of experiments (DoE) for evaluation and optimization of new product designs across various domains ranging from mobility, stationary, and portable applications.
  • Data analysis performed on client’s data to come up with cohesive solutions for new product development.  
For Experimentation
and Scale Up solutions
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Urjahub team is here to help you design complex experiments and scale up your setup in the domain of fuel cells and electrolyzers. We have a community of services that can be chosen from to develop complex experimental setups as well as scale up from lab scale to pilot to industrial scale.

  • Selection of single cell hardware for testing and performance evaluation of materials in electrochemistry.
  • Assistance in laboratory setup from single cell/stack to system including supporting utilities
  • To provide instruments/systems for In-situ and Ex-situ characterization of electrochemistry materials. 
  • Assistance in Design of experiments (DoE) for material evaluations: Accelerated Stress Tests, degradation, durability and performance evaluation of various fuel cell and electrolyzer components.
  • Assistance in interpretation and conclusion of In-situ analysis including ECSA/CV/LSV/MSA/corrosions/Pt dissolutions
  • Assistance in the interpretation of Ex-Situ Methods for the investigation of the chemical durability of various PEM materials for fuel cell and electrolyzer applications.  

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