About Us

Urjahub is here to promote the R&D activities taking place in the areas of green energy by partnering with the research community and providing you a unique platform to share your innovation and sparkling ideas which can contribute to the sustainable energy growth story. We motivate you to portray your research story and gain feedback from the community in real time.

At Urjahub, we also aspire to strengthen the product development process by bridging the gap between material developers and end users.

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Why choose UrjaHub

From foundational solution to new and novel green energy research, millions of people a month count on UrjaHub. Use the research community’s leading platform to stay ahead, discover more breakthroughs and manage your research.

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We Put Your Needs First

We intend to build a closed knit community of researchers and industry partners where knowledge is shared and partnerships formed to cater to the global demand of green energy solutions. We aim to build a single window eco-system of research community and industrial innovators for sustainable energy solutions like fuel cells and battery technology.

Trust and reliability are what we offer to our collaborators towards reaching a common goal of energy independence.


Our Founder


Nayan Sarma is an established industry professional having over 15 years experience in the field of IT solutions and services. His expertise includes hardware support for computer networking and maintenance of contracts for offices across North East India. He also has keen interest in the emerging trend of sustainable energy and e-mobility solutions.  Nayan has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering and takes keen interest in the art of sales while providing value based service. He is a fitness enthusiast and vouches for a healthy lifestyle.

Nayan Jyoti Sarma